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Malala is a French painter and curator based in Berlin. Malala means « ma cherie » in Malagasy. That is also how her dad wanted to call her when she was born. Marion was born in 1995, in Bretagne in, France. Her dad comes from Madagascar, and her Mum is from France.

Malala loves daydreaming. Her work is an invitation to escape to a warm and colourful world where nudity, enjoying the present moment and living in harmony is the rule. She wants to liberate the soul, celebrates life, and invites us to find joy in simple pleasure. She has been working together with a weavery atelier to translate her paintings into woven artwork crafted out of cotton and recycled cotton. Those pieces are available at a limited amount.

Marion is the founder and curator of The Collective. With a passion for art, design and craftsmanship, she aims to create a platform for artists, designers and creative enthusiasts to connect, get inspired, and celebrate creativity. The Collection is hosting temporary popup galleries, making each visit a unique experience.